The General Assembly (AG)

The General Assembly is open to all members of FICE. The General Assembly usually meets at the World Congress held every two yers. The General Assembly:

  • has the ultimate control over decisions for FICE International
  • decides on the admission of new members
  • elects the honorary officers of FICE-International.

Every country which is a full member has two votes at the General Assembly.

The Federal Council (CF)

CF stands for Conseil Fédéral of Federal Council.

In between General Meetings, decisions on FICE policy and business are managed by the Federal Council. The CF is comprised of two voting representatives from each country which is a Full Member of FICE International.

The Federal Council usually meets twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and the meetings rotate around the various member countries. The CF is in effect the main forum for the debate of FICE business, and the place where it develops its international identity. It discusses matters such as:

  • the admission of new members
  • programmes of international activities
  • international projects
  • constitutional issues
  • items to be put to the General Assembly
  • finance
  • reports from UNESCO, EU and ECOSOC
  • reports from National Members
  • policy issues concerning children and young people

The business meetings are usually accompanied by visits to services for children and by a day seminar organised by the host member for workers from their country, but often using the opportunity of the Federal Council's presence to involve an international range of speakers.

The Executive Committee (CE)

CE stands for Comité Executif, or Executive Committee.

In between Federal Council meetings, the President, Secretary General and Treasurer meet from time to time:

  • to prepare the CF's business
  • to take interim decisions on action required before the next meeting.

At the President's discretion, other people such as Vice Presidents may be invited to participate in the CEs.

The Audit Committee

The Federal Council has one Subcommittee, made up of three CF members, whose role is to scrutinise the accounts on behalf of the CF.

Working Groups

From time to time, Working Groups are set up to address particular issues or draft reports.