From time to time FICE-International prepares policy papers on major themes, which are presented to the Federal Council for endorsement. They may then be translated into the three official FICE languages (French, German and English).

The following are the main policies approved in recent years :

The Malmö Declaration
This report considered the role of residential child care in the community. It was approved at the General Assembly at the Congress held at Malmö in Sweden in 1986. It is intended to scan the report into the file.
The Hadasseh-Neurim Statement
Following an expert seminar held in Israel in July 1991, a Statement was agreed and endorsed by the Federal Council, laying out FICE-International's policy on training. It is contained in the book which resulted from the seminar, Training of Residential Child and Youth Care Staff.
HIV / AIDS Statement
This Statement was agreed at a conference in Berlin in the 1990s. The report is only available in German and it is intended to scan the report into the file.
The Code of Ethics Report
An international working party was set up to consider the need for a Code of Ethics or Code of Practice, and the resulting report was approved by the Federal Council and published by FICE. It proposed a short Code to be adopted by everyone working with children and young people, and then offered a variety of material which official organisations, agencies and services might use in drawing up their own Codes, since it was felt that the process of preparing a Code helps those involved to identify with it. The Code was accepted by the Federal Council meeting on October 8 to 10, 1997 in Erfurt (Germany). ISSN 1015 78 75
In addition to FICE's official languages, the report has since been translated into:
  • Catalan - not yet available
  • Greek - not yet available
  • Hebrew
  • Russian
  • Spanish - not yet available
A Future for Europe - a Future for Girls
A statement was produced by a conference (not run by FICE), identifying ways in which young women and girls are excluded socially, exploited and subject to violence at present in Europe. The Federal Council adopted this statement at its meeting in Budapest in April 2002, and decided to take action to support the statement.